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Creative uses of H2Pro Hydrate.....Nutrichef add them to a smoothie...

Friday, May 18, 2022

We thought we'd share this one. 

We hear of people using H2Pro Hydrate tablets in some creative ways from time to time; adding them to carbohydrate drinks to boost the sodium content or mixing them in 50/50 with flat coke and water to create a very effective caffeinated, carb drink for racing. But this is definitely the most sophisticated use we've come across so far. 

What's more it's from a very well respected source in the world of nutrition; Barbara Cox, CEO of Nutrichef (who incidentally you can follow on twitter @NutriBarbara), and she's been adding it to her smoothies....Thanks for the heads up on this Barbara....

H2Pro Smoothies:

Dissolve 1 table in 500mls water

Add 1 banana

Add handful of strawberries and blueberries

1 tbsp Chlorella (sea algae for protein)

1 shot wheatgrass juice (I use live frozen wheatgrass shots)

Whizz all together in the blend and voila….gorgeous!

It sounds like a really good post exercise recovery drink (plenty of carbs from the fruit, fluids and electrolytes from the H2Pro Hydrate and water and some protein) We're going give it a try once we figure out where to get some Chlorella from!