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Hydration at the Malaysian Grand Prix.....

Tuesday, March 27, 2023

The Malaysian Formula 1 GP is considered to be the toughest race on the F1 calendar with the heat and humidity taking its toll on the drivers and race crew. Not surprisingly, according to a recent press release Lucozade prepared a special race formulation drink specific to the Mclaren drivers Button and Hamilton http://paddocktalk.com/news/html/story-186284.  Helen Cowie, Technical Director, GlaxoSmithKline Research & Development admits that '....drivers can lose up to three kilos in sweat – roughly five per cent of their body weight......' But  as the drivers are restricted to 1 litre of drink in the cockpit it is imperative that every drop contributes to performance.  

Although the article is based upon science and supports the basis of what we do at Precision Hydration, it fails to mention that Button and Hamilton (and for that matter every single F1 driver on the start grid) have sweat sodium losses that are genetically determined and vary upto 8-fold. Getting this sodium content in the drink is important as sodium is what determines retention of water in the body.  Bespoke hydration in motorsport is not exclusive to Lucozade either as at Precision Hydration we've been doing it since 2009.  In fact our very first client was an endurance rally driver from Kenya who would typically almost pass out on Day 2 or 3 in the heat despite drinking litres of water.  He was tested using the Precision Hydration sweat sodium analysis system and found to be a very high sodium sweater.  With drinking water alone he would dilute his blood sodium leading to water intoxication (mild hyponatraemia).  On bespoke sodium replacement drinks he is now extremely competitive. Since his success our regular clients include Tuthills Porsche Team, David Brabham (ex-F1 and Le Mans winner) and Bradley Smith in Moto2 as well as numerous drivers in GT racing and rallying where the cockpit temperatures can be incredibly high. 

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