About Human Sweat

You might be surprised to learn that Human Sweat is not all the same. In fact, far from it. Sweat volume losses between individuals under the same conditions can vary widely. In addition to this, less well known and certainly more difficult to manage is the fact that the concentration of electrolytes contained in human sweat can vary as much as eightfold.

Combine these two factors and for two different people under the same conditions it is quite likely to see as much as a 13 fold difference in net electrolyte losses between them. In terms of sodium loss (the ‘most active’ key electrolyte lost in human sweat) studies have shown some athletes are losing as little as 2.3 g of sodium and others as much as 30 g of sodium in exactly the same training session!

Sodium management in the body is a complex system that operates within reasonably fine tolerances. Getting it wrong can have some severe consequences so the question is how to get it right?

Until now this has been the domain of those prepared to go through years of trial and error or those lucky enough to be backed by professional sports science labs for complex patch based sweat testing and one off drink production by sports nutritionists.

Human sweat can be tested for its electrolyte concentration and Precision Hydration Ltd was established to bring a patented technology to market making sweat testing and personalised hydration possible for anyone who is serious about being at their best.

Typical daily intake (mg)
Typical absorption eficiency
  Typical sweat losses per litre Loss in litres of sweat to be deficient Deficiency possible by sweating
*Sodium 4000 >90% 230-1700
4 Yes
Potassium 2700 >90% 150 16  No
Calcium 500 30%   28  Possible
Magnesium 300 10-70%   8.3-14.2 15   No

Table showing the typical electrolyte composition of human sweat and estimations of how much sweat loss needs to be incurred to become deficient in each electrolyte.

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