About Us

Precision Hydration is the company behind the H2ProHydrate range of electrolyte replacement drinks and is at the forefront of delivering performance optimising hydration both for athletes and those who have to be at their best in arduous conditions such as Soldiers & Firefighters.

Established in 2011 the company was for two years previously an R&D project working with professional athletes & key partners for testing technology, drink formulation and wider field research

We have exclusive access to patented (full) testing technology for sweat testing that requires no physical effort from the subject and has a long credible history in medicine as a diagnostic for some hereditary diseases.  The test is simple, painless and extremely accurate.  We have been granted US Patent Pending for the concept of providing personalised hydration through an accurate test, associated hydration strategy and personalised electrolyte replacement drink

Our work in this area was driven by the experiences of one of our business owners within Elite Professional Triathlon.  Co-Founder, Andy Blow was a regular podium finisher in short course Triathlon but had poor results in the heat and at longer distances due to severe cramp.  His years of trial and error settled on the need to effectively manage his sodium levels during training and competition in order to maintain his performance. Not surprisingly it turns out that he has a particularly high sweat/sodium concentration and hence net electrolyte loss when active.

It was in searching for a more effective solution than the years of random trial and error that led to the development of the Precision Hydration concept. The following three years of testing, refining and finally developing the right strategies and drink formulations allows us to deliver a personalised hydration solution across the wide range of human sweat/sodium losses

We are pleased through Precision Hydration Ltd and the range of H2ProHydrate products to be able to finally bring these innovations to a wider elite, professional and generally active market who can now simply improve their performance via a quick test and high quality personalised electrolyte replacement regime

The Precision Hydration management team is drawn from professional sports science, medicine elite sport and professional commerce.  We welcome enquiries from professional sports teams, sports industry professionals, health clubs and athletes wherever you are in the world.


Andy Blow BSc Managing Director [email protected]

  • Sports scientist to Benetton/Renault F1 – 2001-2003
  • Ex-Elite Ironman Triathlete
  • Currently director of votwo ltd and head of Porsche Human Performance


Robin Kaye MBA Executive Chairman [email protected]

  • REPS Level 3 accredited Personal Trainer
  • Former Senior Executive at FTSE 100 Company
  • Former Chief Operating Officer at £20m Private Equity backed start up


Dr Raj Jutley BMedSci, FRCS Chief Medical Officer [email protected]

  • Consultant Cardiac Surgeon, UK & Doctor, Porsche Human Performance
  • Author of ‘The Motorsport Fitness Manual’
  • 37 Peer reviewed publications (PubMed)