About Sweat Testing

Our sweat tests utilise proven medical technology that was originally developed for use in the diagnosis of certain inherited diseases in children. What you get from a sweat test is a highly accurate reading of the level of sodium (the key electrolyte lost in sweat) that you are losing during exercise. This is relevant as sweat sodium loss is very stable in an individual (it is genetically determined and changes little throughout your lifetime) BUT it is highly variable across the population. An eightfold variation has been recorded in the scientific literature.

From the result of a single sweat test we provide you with a personalized hydration strategy. This advises you on the most appropriate level of electrolyte replenishment using H2Pro Hydrate products to aim for when you are drinking before, during and after exercise.

Previous methods of testing sweat involved placing absorbent patches on the body, getting an athlete to exercise and then taking the sweat soaked swabs off to a lab for analysis; all of which is very labour intensive and costly. The Precision Hydration method makes sweat testing, which was previously only available to a select group of well support professional athletes, available to anyone keen to maximize their hydration and performance.

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