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Tim Don - Professional Triathlete. World Champion and 3 x Olympian.

H2Pro is an integral part of my everyday training and for races. It is a real game changer as hydration and nutrition are key to getting 100% out of my body. Basically I like to win so I use H2Pro!

David Brabham - Le Mans Winner & Ex Formula 1 driver

As I am now racing in a very hot environment in the GT1, I have really noticed a difference in my hydration using H2Pro Hydrate leading up to an event and when I do the race, I feel my body is still in good shape. I had a race recently at Navarra Spain and had a stomach bug, so was quite dehydrated. My calf muscles locked out between the two races and I was concerned I was going to cramp in the Sunday main race, but I didn't, I am sure this was down to the electrolyte products,

James Haskell - England and Wasps Rugby Player

I first used H2Pro during England camps and preparation for international matches. I really value the importance of hydration, so have made H2pro a regular part of my day to day regime . It's a great product

John Ellicock - Endurance Walker

I was tested for sweat sodium in April 2011 and found to be in the ‘high’ category. Based on Precision Hydration’s report I prepared my hydration strategy for the Lakeland 50. Previously in endurance events I had no strategy as such; I simply drank the occasional isotonic drink. In view of the high temperatures on the day I modified the strategy marginally to compensate for the higher rate of sweating. I stuck to my planned intake during the night.

I am walker. I had never done a 50 mile race before but found that I was moving steadily through the field from 369th at the first check point to 151st at the finish after 10,000 feet of climbing and 50 tough Lakeland miles. Only one competitor was older than me. After a few miles, all the people I saw in the race were running where it was possible to run.

I do not wish to claim bragging rights, but it is reasonable to ask why, as a walker, was I in front of many endurance runners at the end? The difference in my own preparation was my hydration and associated ‘drill’ at checkpoints. On approaching a checkpoint I swallowed two carbohydrate gels, drank 500 ml of water and then filled my 750 ml bottle with water and dropped in 2.5 Precision Hydration tablets on the longer legs and 2 on the shorter.

At night I used one tablet. I left each checkpoint as quickly as possible and drank the 750 ml over the next 30 min or so. I felt clear headed and never weary throughout the race. I finished at much the same pace as I started and in a much faster time than I expected.

Given that there were so many people commenting about the heat, feeling sick, being sick, feeling light headed, I believe my hydration strategy was the key point of difference, though I recognise there are many other factors too. The benefit for me was not only in the hydration itself but also in the confidence and sense of control which comes from a strategy that is clearly working!

Mark Brookes - Top Age Group Triathlete

"Having participated in triathlon for 10 years, my biggest limiter was not my fitness levels but cramp. I could regularly been seen at races, standing still screaming in agony as my legs went into uncontrolled spasms. I had DNF-ed more Half Ironmans than I had completed and was ready to give it all up. It was suggested I visit the Precision Hydration for a sweat assessment. The staff were very knowledgeable, helpful and made me confident I was in safe hands.

There was a short consultation where different hydration products were discussed and the difference explained to me in a clear and non patronising way. The test itself was simple, painless and each step was explained to me.

I received a personal hydration strategy filled with information on H2Pro Hydrate products as well as set of protocols for me to follow in the days leading up to an event and the event itself.

3 weeks after this I raced a Half Ironman with no cramp issues at all and finished 6th overall. To me this service has turned racing from "when will I cramp?" to "how fast can I go?"

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